Sampson & Will PreslarWelcome to the home of Capturing Canines, a charitable organization using photography to help the canine community. Not every dog is lucky enough to have a family to call their own. This is why we felt compelled to start such an organization to assist our furry friends.

Let me give you a bit of information about myself and my best friend. I’m Will Preslar from Washington, NC and I have one of the best dogs a man could ask for. I was lucky enough to rescue my Plott Hound (North Carolina state dog), Sampson from the side of the highway when he was just a three month old puppy. Ever since, I have been chasing him around with my camera. He’s been the best model, action superstar and best friend I could ask for.

Our goal at Capturing Canines is to grow a charitable organization that will be able to give back to the canine community year after year. To keep it simple we are pledging 25% of each package sold. That is 25% of the gross total price that is being charged to you the consumer. That is a healthy donation that will go a long way at your local Humane Society. They will greatly appreciate your contribution!!! I will make each set of contributions at the beginning of each quarter of the year and will also post financial statements showing a track record of how much we were able to produce for the Humane Society. Keep an eye on the News page to follow who is giving a contribution as well as upcoming contests, promotional news and quarterly financial statements. Thank you so much for coming to our website here at Capturing Canines. We hope you have a blessed day!!!

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