Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Capturing Canines? What is it & what do you do?
A: No we’re not a private animal control business! Capturing Canines is a photography business that is beneficial to society by pledging 25% of all its proceeds to the Humane Society of the donor’s area. We use our skill and love of photography to show the joys that you see day to day of your dog’s personality while incorporating the loving bond between you the human & your canine.

Q: I heard that you do not have clients but instead you have donors, is that true?
A: That is true. We do not like to view our customers as clients but customers that are helping Capturing Canines donate to the lives of the animals at the Humane Societies of their area. Therefore Capturing Canines and our customers becomes a sort of a donor team.

Q: Can I book a session and give it to a friend as a gift?
A: Yes I think it is a lovely idea that your friend will never forget that you gave them. Everyone has a friend or two that absolutely adores their dogs and their dog adores them. What a better gift to give than a photo session that can capture their dog’s personality the way they see it.

Q: When booking a shoot what type of location do you normally shoot at?
A: This all depends on how your dog behaves off the leash. Does your dog stay by your side or does your dog run for the county line? This plays the biggest part of photo session location. If you fully trust your dog will not runaway then the possibilities are almost endless for location. If your dog is one that bolts every time the front door opens then we should shoot in your backyard or a friend’s backyard. Somewhere that is well contained and we don’t have worry about chasing your dog around the neighborhood instead of capturing photos.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of dogs per shoot?
A: As long as the dogs are immediate family of the booking donor then it could be as many as you own.

Q: Our friend’s dog loves to play with our dogs. Can his or her dog be included in the photo session?
A: They are more than welcome to join in but there with be an additional fee of $75 and are limited to only one dog from another owner. Prints and/or separate disc will be an additional fee as well.

Q: What time of the day is best for photographing dogs?
A: Late afternoon is typical the best for photographs and also the well being of your dog. Shooting in the middle of the day can put your dog at risk of heat stroke. Playing with the dog and getting them active is a huge part of what I do. Late afternoon when the weather cools down is more ideal.

Q: Can people be in the picture as well?
A: Absolutely! It’s half the reason why I created Capturing Canines. I feel like one or more of the most important family members are normally left out of the family portrait. We feel it’s important not to forget the furry family members when it comes time for renewing the family portrait.

Q: During the shoot, how do you approach it?
A: I rarely have a certain photo in mind when meeting a new dog and/or people I’ve never met. So to begin with I introduce myself to the dog and prove to them I’m here to play and keep them entertained. The dog will normally smell my dog on me and know that I love my dog as well. When the dog feels comfortable with me I don’t jump right into the family pictures with the dog, but instead we’ll play with your dog. We’ll throw a tennis ball, a stick, take ‘em swimming or whatever else makes your dog happy. I’ll be shooting action shots while we’re playing with your dog. This is fun because it makes the dog, the family and me interact together and have fun together. Once we can see your dog is getting tired with a huge smile on his face we’ll wipe off some of the drool from playing and arrange for the family shots. We can shoot the whole family or one at a time. It’s up to you! I’m always open for suggestion while shooting.

Q: Does capturing Canines travel?
A: Yes we don’t mind traveling. If you are in the Pitt or Beaufort county area there is no extra expense for travel but if you are outside of that area there will be an additional fee of $45.00 per 50 miles outside of the stated counties.

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