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The Legend of Blue


To Blue’s Crew,

Since the saga of Blue began back in mid-January, I’ve mostly been in awe of my wife, Bonnie, and her ability to love him and provide for him unconditionally – schedules, weekends, or our former routine-be-damned. I also, like a lot of people I’ve spoken with, have been overwhelmed and encouraged by the support and trust that even strangers on the internet have shown for him and his recovery ( I think the following before and after can show you where all this love and money have been directed over the last 3+ months:

Seeing him today during his big photo-shoot interacting with our dog, Zeffie, and not taking this opportunity to head for the horizon (this was his first time off-leash outside since being rescued); it dawned on me that if there’s one thing about Blue – he sticks. I’m used to seeing him stick on Bonnie’s heels in the house as if she were a real guardian angel. Today though, he stuck around with all of us, and we had a ball thanks to Will Preslar and Capturing Canines.

Until recently, I pitied the person that would eventually take on the role of caring for Blue where Bonnie’s example left off. After today, I guess I’m now stuck and I’ll pity myself! Welcome to the family Blue and “atta boy” on helping knock out Christmas Cards early!

-Wade, Blue’s Former Silent Partner and New Dad



Some of you already know the story but incase you haven’t heard the story of Blue yet…Bonnie Scales was driving to work the day after the first snow of 2014 and found Blue covered with snow. Blue was cold and hurt because he had been hit by a car and had several broken bones. Blue was in bad shape and if it wasn’t for Bonnie’s compassion it is almost certain that Blue wouldn’t be with us today. I commend Bonnie for having such compassion and courage to save Blue from the side of the road and also for having the brilliant idea to use Blue’s story and social media to raise funds to begin Blue’s path to recovery.

Blue was bad off and he still is on the path to recovery. If you look below for the next several pictures, you’ll see that Blue was malnourished and beat up badly from being hit by a car.




Bonnie was able to raise enough funds to repair all of Blue’s broken bones and numerous vet visits.


You can clearly see Blue’s gratitude and appreciation in this picture.

Today Blue is a truly humble dog that loves his new family! You can see Blue standing tall and enjoying his new life and he’s happy and healthy!

7 8 9 10


A Boykin Spaniel named Wake | Pet Photography – Greenville, NC


Meet Wake! This Boykin Spaniel is full of energy and does not stop smiling. He’s favorite part of our photo shoot was chasing the birds out of the azalea bushes. It was quite entertaining to watch him do it. He’s smart and quick and loves to be chased as well!

2 3

He was weaving in and out of bushes and for me it was a fun guessing game of where he was going to pop out at!

4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Pet Fest 2014 | Washington, NC – Pet Photographer

Pet Fest_8

Today in Washington, NC, the Humane Society of Beaufort County’s Pet Fest went off without a hitch! It was the perfect day for the walk. Bailey the human-sized dog below lead the Pet Walk down the waterfront and through Main Street. There were plenty of dogs and dog owners there! Click here and follow the link to see the rest of the photos from the day! I can’t wait for next year’s event!

 Pet Fest_30Pet Fest_29

NC’s state dog, the plott hound made a special appearance!

Pet Fest_14 Pet Fest_15 Pet Fest_19 Pet Fest_27 Pet Fest_38 Pet Fest_54

The photo below will rival all stereotypes of Pit Bulls! Prince the Pit Bull is up for adoption and is showing his kind, gently side! He was full of love and enjoyed all the attention he was receiving from the children!

Pet Fest_57 Pet Fest_60

Canine Crawl | Greenville, NC – Pet Photographer

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.10.35 PM

The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina did an amazing job with their 14th annual Canine Crawl! It was a beautiful day and there were so many people and dogs out in the Greenville Town Commons! There are too many pictures to post here but if you click here you will be redirected to Facebook Album where you can tag yourself in! Thanks again to everyone we meet and had the opportunity to talk with!

Canine Crawl_4

This photo below is inspiring to me! I love how Haven’s spirits are completely unaffected by his “impairment”! Every dog smiles!

Canine Crawl_16 Canine Crawl_66 Canine Crawl_54 Canine Crawl_50 Canine Crawl_36 Canine Crawl_32 Canine Crawl_22

Dog Lover Weekend Agenda | Eastern, NC – Pet Photographer

The Humane Societies of Eastern North Carolina and Beaufort County are having two great events for animal lovers this weekend. First off on Saturday starting from 1-4pm The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina will be holding it’s 14th Annual Canine Crawl Pet Festival and Pet Walk. I have been to this event in the past and this is a great event for all ages and any sized dogs. Capturing Canines will have a table set up with Ruby Girl and her owner Haley Varner educating about our goals as a company! We will have our main photographer, Will Preslar covering every aspect of the day. You’ll be able to check back that evening and see your pictures from the day right here on our Capturing Canines website. We will have a special offer that will be only for the duration of the event so don’t miss out on booking a session with Capturing Canines so you can get great photographs of your family dog and help out the canine community at the same time. Capturing Canines pledges 25% of each session book to the Humane Society of your area and we just paid our 1st quarter donations. You can read the report right here! Also click here for more details on the event!

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.10.35 PM

The PetFest of 2014 with the Humane Society of Beaufort County was cancelled last weekend due to the rain on Saturday and gale force winds on Sunday. This didn’t stop dog owners from still venturing out with the hope that the event would still be going on. It was sub event that was unplanned and everyone who showed up any way had a wonderful time. Capturing Canines was on the scene photographing the dogs that braved the gale force winds to see all the other pups out! Click here to see the photos from the day right here!

With a huge demand to carry out the Pet Walk through downtown Washington, the Humane Society of  Beaufort County rescheduled the event for this Sunday and starts at 1pm. This will be fun to watch all the dogs and dog owners walking through downtown Washington. Capturing Canines will also be out photographing the walk! I bet it will be bigger than last Sunday’s event! Click here for more details on the event!

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 12.20.48 AM

Ruby Girl | Greenville, NC – Pet Photographer

Meet Ruby Girl, she’s a corgi mix that was a rescue dog. Ruby was found by the Mann Family while she was stranded under a car during a thunderstorm in Fuquay Varina. She quickly became a member of the family! She’s a sweet girl that loves to chase her owner and other dogs. Ruby and her owner, Haley Varner will be working Capturing Canines table at the 14th Annual Canine Crawl this Saturday, April 5th. Capturing Canines will be covering the event from start to finish and will post an online gallery that same day. We will have a special promotion for the day of the event and  remember that with each package sold we donate 25% to the Humane Society of your area! Get great pictures while helping out the canine community! Capturing Canines can’t wait to meet your pups and you this Saturday at the Canine Crawl!Ruby Girl_1

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.10.35 PMRuby Girl_8Ruby Girl_6Ruby Girl_5Ruby GirlRuby Girl_2Ruby Girl_3

Ruby and Capturing Canines can’t wait to meet you this Saturday!

Ruby Girl_4


1st Quarter Humane Society Donation Report | Pet Photography


This is Capturing Canines first quarterly humane society donation report. We are proud to announce that we were able to raise a total of $230 for the Humane Societies of Beaufort, Pitt and Watauga county. I truly feel that this number will grow as the weather warms up! Take a look below to see all the dog lovers that helped contribute these funds!

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.29.34 AM

I have always loved photographing dogs and around Christmas time, I had an idea and, an urge to test the market in our area for pet photography. I learned a lot and I’m still learning but, you know what? It was absolutely fun chasing around dogs! I must give a huge thank you to one of my best friends, Levi Varner, without him I wouldn’t have any marketing material nor a website. He’s amazing at what he does and I am very grateful to have friends that go out of their way to help out! Thanks Levi!

2The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina and I thank you Mary Margaret Russell!


The Humane Society of Beaufort County and I thank you Sarah Sawyer and Cory Huston!


The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina and I thank you Todd Ange and Marti Riddick!


The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina and I thank you Travis and Jessica Such!


Then after testing the market another light bulb went off in my head and I instantly went to a and bought I was sitting at my desk and the name just came to me. It just made too much sense. This is when Capturing Canines evolved and became what it is today.

7The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina and I thank you Kim Reaves!


The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina and I thank you Cassidy Lynn Spencer!


The Humane Society of Beaufort County and I thank you Stephanie and Abbie Woolard!


The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina, Dream Factory and  I thank you Tyler and Ashley-Nicole Russell! This was Capturing Canines first silent auction donation.


This was one of my favorites from my trip to Watauga County! I had the awesome opportunity to photograph the dogs at the shelter and also the dog below named Sasha. Sasha belongs to Abigail Moore. Abigail is an employee at the Watauga Humane Society and was extremely helpful! The Watauga Humane Society and I thank you Abigail!


With the spring weather setting in and the flowers beginning to bloom, now is the time to book your photo session of your family dog. Book your shoot and receive images that will make you smile every time you see them while helping out the canine community. Thank you to everyone who has helped Capturing Canines evolve and to all our donors as well!


Petfest 2014 Cancelled? | Washington, NC – Pet Photography

Did you hear Petfest 2014 was canceled? Well it was due to the gale force winds that were blowing on the Washington waterfront but, that sure didn’t stop any of these dog lovers from enjoying some fellowship with other dog lovers. Everyone loves showing off their dog and every dog has a story. It was so nice to meet all the dogs and owners today. Petfest will be reschedule and I will keep those details up to date as they develop! Regardless of the event being canceled today, it was still one of the best “non” events that could have happen with the circumstances that we had! The ladies at the Beaufort County Humane Society are some of the hardest workers you could imagine!

PetFestPetFest_1 PetFest_2 PetFest_4 PetFest_5 PetFest_9 PetFest_10 PetFest_11 PetFest_13 PetFest_22 PetFest_23 PetFest_24 PetFest_25 PetFest_27 PetFest_28 PetFest_29 PetFest_31 PetFest_33 PetFest_34 PetFest_36 PetFest_37 PetFest_38 PetFest_39 PetFest_41 PetFest_42 PetFest_45 PetFest_46 PetFest_47 PetFest_48 PetFest_49 PetFest_50

Blue and Maizey ain’t nothing but good ole hound dogs |Bethel, NC – Pet Photography

Blue and Maize Blog

This was my first ever shoot for Capturing Canines! I was so pumped to go out and shoot that the rain didn’t even stop me. I couldn’t wait to meet Maizey and Blue. As soon as we pulled up in the driveway, Blue jumped up on the fence and began to investigate our arrival.

Blue and Maize Blog_1

As soon as Blue, a Blue Tick hound figured out he was about to become a superstar he began to play with his buddy Maizey.

Blue and Maize Blog_2 Blue and Maize Blog_3 Blue and Maize Blog_4

I love hound dog ears!

Blue and Maize Blog_5

I can’t help but smile and laugh when I see faces like these below!

Blue and Maize Blog_6 Blue and Maize Blog_7 Blue and Maize Blog_8 Blue and Maize Blog_9 Blue and Maize Blog_10

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