It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Sasha! | Boone, NC – Pet Photography


Sasha came flying in with lighting fast speed. Sasha is a dachshund and pit bull mix. How that happened I don’t know but, I’m also not a scientist. I am glad it happened because, Sasha is one awesome dog! Just look at that smile below!


Which way is she going to go? Right, left or straight at me? It was fun keeping up with her! Thank you so much Abbie for all your help at the Watauga Humane Society this past week! You really made us feel welcomed and appreciated!

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Sasha and Roxy had an epic battle over a torn in half tennis ball that lasted for over twenty minutes.

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Until Next time Watauga Humane Society | Boone, NC – Pet Photography

This blog post is the last post about the dogs available for adoption at the Watauga Humane Society. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the people there. They were very supportive and appreciative of what Capturing Canines was doing to help the canine community.

This adorable pup featured below is Chloe,  she is a one year old pit bull mix. Chloe was extremely thankful to be outside in the sunshine. After shooting the photos I wanted of Chloe, I stayed outside with her and continued to throw the ball for her. She’s a sweet girl that needs a place to call home.

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Chloe was so excited to be outside and feel free. She’s a sweet girl.

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After taking Chloe back to her assigned area, I took photos of another pit bull mix, Sean. He was a smart, strong and loving pit bull mix. He is in need of a good home just like all the other dogs there. He was smiling the entire time he was outside, running from one side of the yard to the other.

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Sosa is an awesome dog! He was happy to be outside, he jumped on me as I was laying on the ground. He smothered me with kisses and then ran off as he happily danced around the yard.


Just look at the excitement!


Willard is a five month old boxer. He’s a smart dog that just wants attention and love! Go to the Watauga Humane Society and give him a visit. Meet Willard and all the other animals. They will appreciate your company, and who knows you might just take one home!


How could you say no to that face?

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Thank you Watauga Humane Society! What you do is wonderful!


Trail Blazing with Pheobe | Boone, NC- Pet Photography


Yesterday my girlfriend Carla, and I had one of the best hikes through the Blue Ridge Mountains. I wish my dog, Sampson could have been with us! Shhhhh….don’t tell him we went hiking without him! It was the warmest day of the week during App State’s spring break, 65 degrees and sunny. Phoebe is the coolest small dog I’ve ever met and she stands tall like a big dog no matter where she goes.

Carla looking beautiful with her pooch. I told Carla to put Pheobe down and let her walk with us like a normal dog!


Pheobe was a product of a puppy mill and Carla rescued her. Pheobe was the runt of the litter and nobody wanted her. Carla wasn’t leaving without her. Pheobe has been Carla’s best friend for seven years. I’m glad Carla found Phoebe!

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Pheobe was all tuckered out after walking over a mile on the Rough Ridge Trail.


Another Great Day at the Watauga Humane Society | Boone, NC – Pet Photography

It’s been such a pleasure to get to work with the great people at the Watauga Humane Society.

Meet one of their shelter dogs named Abby! She’s a hound mix that is extremely smart. As soon as we let her off the leash she checked every gate to see if they were open. It’s always so nice to see a dog that has been in an enclosure set free, even if it’s only for a brief amount of time. They run wild and enjoy getting sun! Abby is no exception! She’d make a great house dog for the right owner. She’s a sweet hearted dog!

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This dog Boo Boo kept me laughing. She was timid to begin with but was grateful we brought her outside to play. She even jumped on my head and attacked me with love! It was too funny. I wish we could have gotten pictures of it. Boo Boo is a Shepard/Hound mix. She’s a sweet girl that would need as much as attention as you could give her. She’s sweet and loves to play. I really enjoyed meeting this dog.

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I love the next set of pictures. You can see how much she is enjoying being scratched. Then Boo Boo just looks at the sun and closes her eyes with happiness and gratitude.

17 18 19 20 21

I think Boo Boo even liked hanging out with me. She jumped on me with excitement a few times. We both laughed and smiled about it!


Cocoa is a special dog that needs a special home. She’s a six year old Pit Bull mix that is probably the most docile dog I’ve ever meet. It was actually quite tough to get a a good group of photos of her because she just wanted to lay on top of me and make me scratch her. You can tell from the amount of wide angle shots that she didn’t stray to far from my side. She’s a sweet girl that would make a great house dog.

23 24 25

High five! I like you! Thanks for taking me outside!

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Grizzly isn’t grizzly at all! In fact I had the most fun chasing this dog around the enclosure! I think grizzly enjoyed running around as well. I could tell he was worn out after we got done shooting pictures of him! He was extremely grateful for us taking him to get some sunshine. Grizzly is a Shepherd/Rottweiler mix that has a sweetheart and loves to play!

30 31

Grizzly could turn on a dime and get right past you if you were chasing him! He’s an awesome dog!

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Abbie is an employee at the Watauga Humane Society. She was nice enough to show me around the facility and assist me with photographing the canines showcased. Thank you Abbie for everything you do for these sweet creatures! You really know these dogs and I could tell they love you!


This is Abbie’s dog Sasha! She’s a sweet dachshund and Pit Bull mix. I had a great time meeting her, she’s full of energy and just loves to play!

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Here’s a few more of the dog park celebrities!

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A Dogs Day at Watauga Humane Society | Boone, NC – Pet Photography


Today I had the opportunity to go the Watauga Humane Society. It’s one of the nicest facilities I’ve visited and the people there are amazing. They have some of the most adorable dogs.

Meet Falcore! If you want a dog that is straight out of a movie then this dog is for you! He’s really sweet and new to the shelter. I’ve never seen a dog like this one!

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Can you see the resemblance?


Have you ever met someone and immediately knew that you would be friends? Reb (pictured below) was that someone for me! As soon as I saw this dog and his smile, I knew he was a special dog! I mean, look at that goofy face. He’s a sweet Pit Bull mix that is all muscle and all energy. I had such a good time meeting this dog and photographing him.

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Rover is a hound mix that has a nose that is constantly on the ground! He loves all the smells around him. Rover is a sweet hound dog that needs a good home. He’d make a loving companion and supply an abundance of affection.

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Plenty of puppies at the Watauga Humane Society


They have one of the coolest dog parks as well. It’s set in the rolling hills of the western part of Watuaga County. Today was perfect to go out there and hang out with your pup and let them get some exercise!

Meet Molly a shih tau that has the personality of a big dog!


The dog below was adopted from the Watauga Humane Society last year and has been a wonderful companion ever since!


Merle was also one of the celebrity dogs that was hanging out at the Watuaga dog park.

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Capturing Canines will be in the Watauga area for a week and we’ll love to meet your family dog! Please contact us at or call us at (252) 902 4331

With each purchased photography session we will donate 25% to the Watauga Humane Society!

Humane Society of Eastern Carolina Showcase of the Week | Greenville, NC – Pet Photography

The main goal of Capturing Canines is to benefit the canine community. My business slogan for Capturing Canines is “Every Dog Smiles,” but when shelter dogs are behind chain linked fences without a home they’re not smiling. They are in need of a loving owner and a place to call home. All three of these dogs have a genuinely good soul. You’re missing out if you don’t go out to the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina and meet them in person.

Meet Peppermint Patty, a shepherd mix that is full of energy and love.

1 2 3

Peppermint even has a sense of humor!

4 5 6 7 8

Meet Diesel, a Terrier/Staffordshire Bull mix that is fueled with love and affection despite the stereotypes. Diesel needs a home that would give him lots of exercise and love. You can see the loyalty in his eyes.

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Then there’s Bill! He’s been at the shelter the longest and it’s a surprise to me. He’s so kind and gentle. First thing he did was run up to me and lick me in the face. I should have licked him back but I decided against it. Bill is a Pit Bull mix that would also rival the negative stereotypes. He’s full of energy and wants nothing more than positive attention. I am sure you could give him the home he deserves!

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Upcoming Trip to the Watauga Area!!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 12.13.59 PM

Capturing Canines is on the move next week! We will be in the Watauga area to photograph family dogs and shelter dogs. I can’t wait to be in High Country and breath in that crisp mountain air. I know there is some awesome dogs up there and I can’t wait to meet them all!

Capturing Canines will be in Boone starting March 9th and leaving March 15th. That leaves time for one appointment in the morning and another in the afternoon! This is a limited time offer! What a better way to get a photograph of your best friend that will last a lifetime.

With each package sold in the Watauga area, we will give 25% back to the Watauga Humane Society to help out with their operations!

Feel free to contact me at: or 1 (252) 902 4331

Here’s a few scenery shots that I took the past couple of trips I made to the Boone area! I look forward to meeting you and hearing from you soon!

BooneBoone V.2_3Boone V.2_4Boone V.2_6

This is how happy I am about this trip! See you all soon!


Dakota Siberian Husky | Greenville, NC – Pet Photography


Meet Todd Ange and Marti Riddick and their one of a kind Siberian Husky named Dakota. I had so much fun hanging out with these two and photographing their two year old husky. Dakota is one smart dog that focuses on what she wants and goes for it! She loved being outside this past Sunday and the weather couldn’t have been any better.


I told Dakota to get ready for her close up and it was like she had modeled before. She struck a pose and smiled ear to ear! I really like how her eyes are two different colors. One is brown and the other is extremely light blue.


Then the ball came out and you know Dakota’s excitement levels went through the roof! Get ready to see her in full speed!

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Thanks again Todd and Marti!  I had a great time hanging out with y’all!


Meet Deetz! He’s a good dog that needs a good home! | Greenville, NC – Pet Photography

Deetz is a 2 yr old pit bull who was found wandering down a road all alone. A nice passer-by stopped to help him and was quite surprised when Deetz jumped right in the car and made himself comfortable in his lap. He was brought into a county shelter in hopes that an owner would come forward. It was obvious that he had been on his own a while as he was very emaciated, but was so happy to have humans around. Deetz is now safe in a foster home waiting to find that perfect family to call his own. He is a total sweetheart who loves to cuddle and will gladly curl up for a nice afternoon nap with you. Deetz is house and crate trained, knows basic commands, and loves a car ride. He is good with other dogs, but prefers a calmer dog as he is not sure whats going on when another dog is jumping around him. He has been fully vetted, microchipped, and is being treated for heartworms. For information on how to add Deetz to your family please contact 4pawlifesaver@suddenlink.net1 2 3 4

Doesn’t that face just say take me home please!

Sampson Saturday #4 — Capturing Canines Dog Photography

I hope everyone had a productive week! This week’s Sampson Saturday topic is on focus. I myself can take a few notes from Sampson on this issue. I need to be more focused myself because, I am full of drive and motivation. My problem is staying on task. If we all were able to focus like Sampson does on a tennis ball then we all would be more efficient and goal oriented. Sampson’s one goal in life is to chase a tennis ball and see how quickly he can catch it and bring it back. He lives, breathes, eats and sleeps so that he can go back outside and chase the tennis ball some more. I wish our goals were that simplistic and we were that focused on them. Sampson would chase a tennis ball from sun up to sun down with no breaks. Execpt the occasional potty break!


Such a simple concept of throwing a ball with a dog but, to Sampson this is his life goal.

2 3 4 5

I wish I could be that happy over a tennis ball!

Have a good weekend and a productive coming week!



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