An old photo of my Dad with his dogs


I was at my Mom’s house recently and I was going through an old chest of drawers full of old pictures. I was trying to dig up some old memories. Well I stumbled across a polaroid of my dad with the family dogs at the time. I wasn’t even born yet. I don’t know the names of the dogs but, I do see some similarities between my dad and I. My dad always had dogs growing up and still to this day loves dogs. Having dogs makes you live a longer, healthy life. Look at my dad today. He’s seventy years old and still has a heart of a child. Just look at how young he looks below.

1400268_10201222100020148_1518442662_oMy dad taught me a lot of good things growing up. A lot I still hold on to and continue to learn from. He’s a wise man. I couldn’t be more grateful to have him as my father. The most important lesson he gave me was one of the most simplest things we can do as a society. He told me son, “Always make the next person’s day better.” It’s so simple and so overlooked. All it takes is a wave and a smile. Thanks dad for all you have ever given me and I love you pops!


Youth Duck Hunt 2/8/2013 at Camp David

This past Saturday. I had the opportunity to photograph a youth duck hunting event in Aurora, NC at Camp David. It was one of the funnest photography adventures that I’ve gotten to be a part of so far. I love hunting and I love dogs. There really isn’t much more I could have asked for maybe except the 4:30am wake up time. Regardless,it was nothing to complain about. It even start sleeting and I still didn’t put my camera down. I spent some time in the blinds and some more time sitting on my knees with water up to my chest in waders right beside the dog blind. It was a beautiful morning to be alive. A big thanks again to Josh Eddings, Kevin Rawls and the rest of the hunting group of Camp David for allowing me be a part of the hunt.


The photo above is by far my favorite photo from the morning. It was really interesting to see how the dogs worked. I’ve been around black labs all my life but, only been ducking hunting once before this hunt. This black lab was Gabriel White’s dog named River. River is a handsome black lab. It was fun to watch the dogs as the hunt was going on. The dogs watch the skies just as much as the hunters do with pure excitement and readiness for the opportunity to jump in and retrieve a dead bird.

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I wish y’all could have been able to hear the guns going off in the blind. It was exciting to watch the youth knock down some birds. A youngin’ named, Jaden was one heck of a shot!

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Copper Boy and Jimmy Stevens

Copper Boy_2Blog

Copper is a dog that has the life. Wherever Jimmy Stevens goes, Copper is sure to be within eyesight. Whether it’s working around the farm, car rides into town or at Copper’s favorite fishing spot.  Copper is a Vizsla and a German Short Haired Pointer, which makes this dog one of the smartest I’ve encountered. Copper’s favorite activity after a long day of working on the farm is to watch his owner Jimmy Stevens catch as many fish as he can in the family pond. Copper will even try to catch him one from time to time. The top photo has so much emotion in it. Look at Copper’s face as he is looking up at his owner and running along side with excitement. Just look at his smile as he is adoring his owner.

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Two of my favorite canine photographs

setter copy

The story behind this picture is almost as cool as the picture. I was at Jimmy Steven’s house in Whiteville, NC. Jimmy noticed I was playing with the dogs in his backyard and he said, “Will! You want to see something awesome and get a picture of it?” I replied, “Absolutely Jimmy!” Well Jimmy proceed to tell me what we were about to do and I ran inside to grab my wide angle lens. He said,”Will, he can keep up with the momentum on the dirt bike and I think it will make for a cool shot” Well, I jumped on the back of the dirt bike and we headed down the trail with Gunner running beside us. When we hit the straight stretch beside Jimmy’s house. Jimmy then hit the gas and we were quickly in third gear. Gunner was right beside us with the biggest smile on his face. I was shooting from the hip with 8 frames per second and riding on the back of the dirt bike hanging half way off it. I had an idea of how I wanted the shot to turn out and my camera was set accordingly. I can say this is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever shot. I was able to get an awesome image in a extremely high risk situation. It was one of the funnest photos I’ve ever shot. Thanks Jimmy Stevens!

 blog post 3

This might be simple why I love this photograph seeing how he is my dog but, his excitement in this photo is what I see everyday hanging out with Samp. He has two goals in life. The first one is to chase a tennis ball all day long and the second is to hang out with me. I feel like the only reason he hangs out with me is because he knows I’ll throw the ball for him but, that’s okay. He’s an extremely smart dog that just wants to go and do. Just like he did this day. It’d been raining most the morning and Samp really needed to go use the bathroom. I looked outside, saw that the light was really good and then decided to grab my camera then adventure outside with Sampson. I had my telephoto lens on my camera, but Samp only wanted me to throw his ball. He wouldn’t leave my feet and definitely didn’t want to sit down. We talked about it briefly and Samp won the argument. So I started throwing his ball. I wouldn’t have ever gotten a smile this big if I had tried to get him to sit still this morning. Sampson loves a tennis ball and I love this dog.

Sampson Saturdays

sampson baby-1

I’ll never forget the day I found Sampson. I was with my buddy; Doug Edwards and we were skateboarding in a parking lot beside HWY 264 when a pack of four plott hound puppies ran up to us. These puppies were all beautiful; there were three females and one male. I put my skateboard down and continued to play with all the puppies. Sampson, the one brindle male puppy crawled into my lap and went to sleep while I was sitting there with the dogs. Well the others ran off and Sampson was still asleep in my lap. I knew right there that he had chosen me.

sampson and will

sampson snow-1

Today Sampson is legendary. He’s a little over 7 years old now. He’s well known for jumping over 6.5 foot tall fences and being able to “wallride” anything that he can get his four paws on. Here is picture from the recent snow day we had. He’s by far the best dog anyone could ever ask for. I couldn’t be more grateful Sampson chose me to be his owner.


Capturing Canines Valentine’s Day Special

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