Canine Crawl | Greenville, NC – Pet Photographer

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The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina did an amazing job with their 14th annual Canine Crawl! It was a beautiful day and there were so many people and dogs out in the Greenville Town Commons! There are too many pictures to post here but if you click here you will be redirected to Facebook Album where you can tag yourself in! Thanks again to everyone we meet and had the opportunity to talk with!

Canine Crawl_4

This photo below is inspiring to me! I love how Haven’s spirits are completely unaffected by his “impairment”! Every dog smiles!

Canine Crawl_16 Canine Crawl_66 Canine Crawl_54 Canine Crawl_50 Canine Crawl_36 Canine Crawl_32 Canine Crawl_22

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