The Legend of Blue


To Blue’s Crew,

Since the saga of Blue began back in mid-January, I’ve mostly been in awe of my wife, Bonnie, and her ability to love him and provide for him unconditionally – schedules, weekends, or our former routine-be-damned. I also, like a lot of people I’ve spoken with, have been overwhelmed and encouraged by the support and trust that even strangers on the internet have shown for him and his recovery ( I think the following before and after can show you where all this love and money have been directed over the last 3+ months:

Seeing him today during his big photo-shoot interacting with our dog, Zeffie, and not taking this opportunity to head for the horizon (this was his first time off-leash outside since being rescued); it dawned on me that if there’s one thing about Blue – he sticks. I’m used to seeing him stick on Bonnie’s heels in the house as if she were a real guardian angel. Today though, he stuck around with all of us, and we had a ball thanks to Will Preslar and Capturing Canines.

Until recently, I pitied the person that would eventually take on the role of caring for Blue where Bonnie’s example left off. After today, I guess I’m now stuck and I’ll pity myself! Welcome to the family Blue and “atta boy” on helping knock out Christmas Cards early!

-Wade, Blue’s Former Silent Partner and New Dad



Some of you already know the story but incase you haven’t heard the story of Blue yet…Bonnie Scales was driving to work the day after the first snow of 2014 and found Blue covered with snow. Blue was cold and hurt because he had been hit by a car and had several broken bones. Blue was in bad shape and if it wasn’t for Bonnie’s compassion it is almost certain that Blue wouldn’t be with us today. I commend Bonnie for having such compassion and courage to save Blue from the side of the road and also for having the brilliant idea to use Blue’s story and social media to raise funds to begin Blue’s path to recovery.

Blue was bad off and he still is on the path to recovery. If you look below for the next several pictures, you’ll see that Blue was malnourished and beat up badly from being hit by a car.




Bonnie was able to raise enough funds to repair all of Blue’s broken bones and numerous vet visits.


You can clearly see Blue’s gratitude and appreciation in this picture.

Today Blue is a truly humble dog that loves his new family! You can see Blue standing tall and enjoying his new life and he’s happy and healthy!

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