Petfest 2014 Cancelled? | Washington, NC – Pet Photography

Did you hear Petfest 2014 was canceled? Well it was due to the gale force winds that were blowing on the Washington waterfront but, that sure didn’t stop any of these dog lovers from enjoying some fellowship with other dog lovers. Everyone loves showing off their dog and every dog has a story. It was so nice to meet all the dogs and owners today. Petfest will be reschedule and I will keep those details up to date as they develop! Regardless of the event being canceled today, it was still one of the best “non” events that could have happen with the circumstances that we had! The ladies at the Beaufort County Humane Society are some of the hardest workers you could imagine!

PetFestPetFest_1 PetFest_2 PetFest_4 PetFest_5 PetFest_9 PetFest_10 PetFest_11 PetFest_13 PetFest_22 PetFest_23 PetFest_24 PetFest_25 PetFest_27 PetFest_28 PetFest_29 PetFest_31 PetFest_33 PetFest_34 PetFest_36 PetFest_37 PetFest_38 PetFest_39 PetFest_41 PetFest_42 PetFest_45 PetFest_46 PetFest_47 PetFest_48 PetFest_49 PetFest_50

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